what family brings.


to continue in the theme i’ve been going on lately, i started coming up with this post while on a family outing. so i guess this post is about what family means to me.  i hope you enjoy my first attempt at somewhat official digital photo editing and photography.  family is about love and harnessing moments to preserve values and characteristics and i wanted to capture that.








love is moody too.


when i think of love i’m reminded of everything that’s ever caused me angst, fear, immeasurable happiness and pain, guilt, peace, passion, ecstasy, joy, and lust.  with my favorite feeling that love gives being the feeling that can’t sh*t touch you!  i recently reunited with love ones which immediately eased quite a bit of the difficulty i’ve been going through as of late. that’s what this post is inspired by.







photos courtesy of alice pasquini.

part 2

photos courtesy of marion bolognesi.

life causes change.


lately i’ve been experiencing a lot of change in my personal life. oh my personal life, something i hate to talk about candidly because, i just loath it. the only way i can think to express these personal events for the masses is through my work, creations, writings and such. that said, i’m learning a lot about myself and what my needs are. that’s what this post is inspired by, these changes. perhaps at any one point we never really have one form.


*all these pieces are either changing, without form or impermanent


the net sculptures mounted on buildings, seemingly in mid-air, were created by janet echelman in a completely happenstance manner. here’s her story behind it on ted, it’s an encouraging and uplifting tale.


maxims of behaviour by alexander knox, metal sculpture by jun ren, can you see me by risha gorig, photos and videos courtesy of vancouver biennale blog, janet elchelman, youtube, and candy chang.

what summer brings.

i went searching for some aquatic pieces of photography, maybe a nice shot of a coral or tropical wildlife after being inspired by the pretty weather and the reminders from fashion vloggers at how soon summer will be here. but i was surely stunned when i stumbled upon design boom’s post on japanese artist iori tomita. immediately i was reminded of all the reasons i routinely stay away from ocean water when i visit the beach.


follow tomita on twitter or click the photos for his site.


 photos courtesy iori tomita and thanks to design boom for the introduction

filmmaker and artist callum cooper.


paradoxical plane


full circle


sink or swim


i had to include all these works given i’ve only just discovered collum cooper of london/ melbourne, for myself, even though sink or swim is more than a year old. paradoxical plane and full circle are both very recent works. these dizzying pieces are well executed and thanks to john kassab the sound is as engaging as you could imagine.
note: to those of you who will wonder, klezinski is an european fashion line full circle was commissioned for as promo. i’d suggest you head over to their site if you like the european look like me. i find it all to be quite peaceful and happy fashions.


(source collum cooper and vimeo)

studio nasu and dave lister.

all photos courtesy of dave lister of studio nasu

so for the longest time i’ve met some really good people at my local hangout spot. one of those cool ass people is comic and game illustrator dave lister. he’s pretty darn talented and always has something nice and helpful to say. why can’t everyone be as cool and laid back as this guy? he and his guys at studio nasu illustrate for comics and video games just to name a few things. peep the links below for full list and contact info.


here are a few of my favorite works that have come from dave:


dave lister and the guys over at studio nasu do commissioned work for comics, illustrations, video games, webs sites, music so support the work by contacting studio nasu , send an email or:


thankx to dave lister for the support!